Our Story

by Cindy Stolten


My son is 30 years old now, so I have been at this a “very” long time. He had an encephalitic reaction to his 4 month DTP vaccine, (whole cell). He screamed continuously for 6 hours until his eyes rolled back in his head and passed out. The pediatrician told me this was normal. A friend of mine whose baby was 2 weeks younger than my son who had the vaccine died the same night. Here is her story Death by Lethal Injection.

He was hospitalized after the MMR vaccine with severe gastroenteritis at 19 months old, had a colonoscopy without any anesthesia. His bowels were so inflamed, there was one clear spot the size of a quarter. The gastroenterologist asked me if he recently had a virus? I said no, didn’t think of the MMR he just had a few weeks prior! He was diagnosed failure to thrive, wore the same size clothes for about three years. He had scoliosis, strabismus, migraines, and severe allergies. We took him to see Dr. Doris Rapp, (The Impossible Child) Dr. Rapp taped his reaction to yeast in her office, and again after treatment. This treatment helped him immensely, it was reminiscent of the first DAN doctors. He still has migraines, but, is out there in the working force and has a beautiful daughter. He has missed only a handful of days from work after being there for 6 years working 6 days a week.

There is a genetic susceptibility, I almost died as an infant at 9 days old, I was baptized, and given my last rites in the hospital on the same day. All the doctors could come up with was a small throat opening, and a milk allergy. In the early ’60’s I received the killed version of the measles vaccine, I thought I would die. I acquired atypical measles from the shot. Also reacted severely to the ’76 swine flu vaccine, 15 minutes after receiving it.

I learned later that there were other family members that also had reactions. At that time there were only a few vaccines on the schedule. They were given fractional doses of the DTP vaccine. There are way too many vaccines on the schedule for this to be done today.

My other son, now 17 years old had a reaction to the DTaP vaccine at 6 months, couldn’t wake him due to a hyporesponsive adverse event. His last vaccine was at 8 months, he had the Prevnar vaccine which was just approved the month before. I walked into the office very happy that he wasn’t receiving a vaccine that day. The pediatrician talked me into it. Here is the report that VAERS removed after altering the report four times. Thanks to the NVIC for collecting many removed records. I of course left that pediatrician, and found another Dr. who stated that the Prevnar vaccine was a serious reaction.

Thanks to all the persistent warrior moms and dads, Sandy Gottstein Vaccination News my lifeline. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny for all her guidance, and especially my dear friend Rita Hoffman Vaccine Choice Canada for all of the help she has given me through the years.